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  Matteo Bonamassa d67a561b31 Add comment 7 months ago
  Matteo Bonamassa b02d2fbfc7 Change if condition on legend print 7 months ago
  Matteo Bonamassa 86963c1a3b Move print("") for better -n readability 7 months ago
  Matteo Bonamassa f3fec39ebf Fix byte-string string issues 7 months ago
  Matteo Bonamassa 4ab2fa948a Fix `print` syntax 8 months ago
  Matteo Bonamassa bb5b87858c Change help message for `-m` 8 months ago
  Matteo Bonamassa 4c41ea6773 Update version to 3.0 8 months ago
  Matteo Bonamassa 44c67c961f Set env python3; change last modified 8 months ago
  Alessandro De Gennaro a3c2dac52e Merge branch 'master' of nicolopalazzini/whoall into master 1 year ago
  Nicolo' Palazzini 5be5c9300f removed tilde from node list and LAUR references 1 year ago
  lcmgit a03468afaa Merge branch 'master' of alessandrodegennaro2/whoall into master 1 year ago
  Alessandro De Gennaro 28e6fc194f Edit gods and chucknorris lists, update header 1 year ago
  savaroskij 63737f96d7 Merge pull request #9 from savaroskij/master 2 years ago
  Matteo Savatteri 508cc5ad67 Aggiornate liste gods, chucknorris, nodi. Modificata intestazione. 2 years ago
  Andrea Miglietta a8fd13ab7b Fix a typo 3 years ago
  Gabriele Bozzola 153601f00f Decapitalize letter 3 years ago
  Andrea Miglietta ecb07edb0b Minor fix: removed useless steps 3 years ago
  Andrea Miglietta d6603435b2 Add original version of lcm_w needed by whoall 3 years ago
  Claudio Chiappetta 10801633a5 Merge pull request #7 from lcm-unimi/Sbozzolo-patch-1 3 years ago
  Claudio Chiappetta fcfd93c1ce Merge pull request #8 from lcm-unimi/New150/admin 3 years ago
  Andrea Silva 5795cd9ba2 Aggiornamento list 'god' con nuovi 150 e admin 3 years ago
  Gabriele Bozzola af8c688319 Fixes #6 3 years ago
  andreatsh 573cc17c22 Merge pull request #5 from napalm5/master 3 years ago
  napalm5 6c70e78e19 Aggiunto 'claudiochi' fra gli admin 3 years ago
  Andrea Miglietta 08e09fdb75 Update chucknorris group 3 years ago
  andreatsh 837f59ae86 Merge pull request #4 from lcm-unimi/blueV2 4 years ago
  bluehood 788dd87f45 remove trailing whitespaces 4 years ago