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  Matteo Bonamassa 9e57c832f6 Delete useless blank space 9 months ago
  root 6184c91547 Add universal_newlines=True to subprocess.Popen() 9 months ago
  matteobonamassa 99dc814fe1 delete space between print and (...) 9 months ago
  matteobonamassa 9427a03d23 Restore author and original comment 9 months ago
  matteobonamassa 5130994934 change shabang in env python3, change version in 2.0 9 months ago
  matteobonamassa 5e46172ae6 convert string to byte-string 9 months ago
  matteobonamassa 4e9c3a9a06 change print syntax 9 months ago
  Nicolo' Palazzini 030047a9ea fixed usage message 1 year ago
  Nicolo' Palazzini 224f37f2d1 display usage when no argument is parsed 1 year ago
  Matteo Savatteri 5cb5a27f84 Implemented safer stop command. 1 year ago
  Nicolo' Palazzini e6c28063c4 updated commands 1 year ago
  Nicolo' Palazzini db76104034 code moved to python 1 year ago