Simple tool to handle LabCalcolo's VMs

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Simple tool to handle LabCalcolo's VMs.

usage: labcalcoloctl [{status,start,stop,doctor}] [--options]

positional arguments:

status             default. Check whether there are VMs running on the considered nodes

start, stop        start and stop VMs

doctor             check if qemu and spicec are running. If qemu is running, but spicec is not, ask user if (s)he wants to start it

optional arguments:

-h, --help show this help message and exit

-a, --all All LCM nodes are considered

-n NODE [NODE ...] Select one or more nodes (at least one)

-1, --lcm1 LCM1 nodes are considered

-2, --lcm2 LCM2 nodes are considered

-v, --version Print program version