Commit History

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  blue 4fbeaf6504 minor text fixes 3 years ago
  bluehood 2af8cb19b3 improve alert messages for tale upvoting 4 years ago
  bluehood 16b67fe01b add support for "/rndwisdom" command 3 years ago
  bluehood 2f1e40b1b2 only quote messages when necessary 4 years ago
  bluehood d3a6911dca bugfixes to tale handling 4 years ago
  bluehood 7c41907cea minor text fixes to insults 4 years ago
  bluehood 808ed6e48a use Message.reply_* calls instead of Bot. 4 years ago
  bluehood 6ffb37ab30 add full support for tales and anecdotes 4 years ago
  bluehood ea91118415 bugfix: errors while logging 4 years ago
  bluehood c8551c34e7 minor text fixes 4 years ago
  bluehood a495f47921 substitute " with ' in string literals declarations 4 years ago
  bluehood 62898b1351 minor text fixes 4 years ago
  bluehood 85396d3a9b little beauty fixes 4 years ago
  bluehood e81a0887a6 add abuse_150 command 4 years ago
  bluehood d970a8f29d little beauty fixes 4 years ago
  bluehood 36bca8f2d0 Initial commit 4 years ago